The Youthful Savings Learning Ecosystem: Young Entrepreneurs on the Rise Thanks to EdTech Innovation

by in Entrepreneurship on December 25, 2021

Youthful Savings, the parent company of The Learning Marketplace (TLM), created TLM as an economic empowerment tool for educators to share their educational resources with learners all over the world. The most popular learning exercise to date has been the award-winning My Own Business Challenge (MOBC). It has been successful in fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Key partnerships in 2020 and 2021 with organizations such as Children’s Aid, Virginia Park Teen Center, Human Rights First, and the Fresh Air Fund have allowed youth from all different socioeconomic statuses to become financially literate and earn money based on their innate gifts through the power of heart-based entrepreneurship. Graduates of the MOBC program can share their businesses through an online platform – Youthful Savings Marketplace (YSM) – where they learn how to transact with society through sincerity, integrity, and responsibility.

YSM is used as an outlet for youth to become entrepreneurs all while contributing to the gross domestic product and local sales tax revenue collection. The community that has been cultivated allows youth to continue to learn through both TLM and YSM where elements such as coaches, mentors, and learning opportunities push the youth to strive for greatness! The youth prove to be the glue that brings the world together through the power of heart intelligence education and entrepreneurship. 

“The Learning Marketplace and Youthful Savings Marketplace have impacted my life because I feel more comfortable talking to people and I am more confident!”

-Gabriela Paniagua; Youthful Savings vendor and Youth Content Creator

This pandemic has been a tough and long journey for the world; however, Youthful Savings continues to instill compassion, contribution, and collaboration in today’s youth – the next generation of entrepreneurs and world leaders. 

—This blog post was written by Abdulaziz Abdulrub, a 16-year-old business owner based in New York. He is the CEO of Change For America – an organization built on bringing change and awareness to the United States of America and the world at large. Together we can make this country a model of peace and opportunity for the world.


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