For a more inclusive and kind world, the youth invest in each other.


Youthful Savings Marketplace is owned and operated by the youth vendors. The youth do not pay a fee to partake on this platform and Youthful LLC underwrites all transactions in order to protect the legal liability of the youth and their customers.


The youth happily agree to invest 10% of their earnings into the Youthful Savings Foundation which invests in more youth through higher learning scholarships and capital contributions. Together, they are creating a kinder and more inclusive capitalizing system.


If you feel inspired and want to join the mission of economic empowerment for all, please invest in the youth! They are excited about learning from mentors that invest in them!

Note: Youthful Savings Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 public foundation with zero admin fees. All giving and spending is tracked through an open accounting policy.

Contact us to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Let’s work together and build a stronger next generation.