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Hello everyone! My name is Abdulaziz. I’m the founding CEO of # Change For America! And that is what my company will strive to bring to society! My goal is to make change across America! Together, we can make this country a place of peaceful coexistence. Let’s start by tackling issues. Below are some of the following changes we need! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #1 Suggestion: Update/Add to the requirements to become a Police Officer. - All Police Officers go to Law School in order to fully fulfill all requirements for their badge. Outcome: Our Police Departments will be more safe and secured in order to be able to commit to the job of protecting the safety of all and will end the long lasting fear and abuse of all. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #2 Suggestion: All news platforms must not be biased or show their biased opinions and refrain themselves from spreading rumors/false information. - Ending Censorship and bias in news and spread of false information. Outcome: Our reliability of news sources will increase and more trust can be put into the media that gives us information 24/7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #3 Suggestion: Fund more US agriculture in order to build more job opportunities and not have constantly rely on other businesses worldwide with supply and demand. - Especially during this pandemic we had to rely on different businesses for resources that we didn't necessarily have. (Masks, toilet paper etc.) - With food we have to import a lot in order to keep society running. . Outcome: Additionally funding more US agriculture will support future generations of new jobs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #4 Suggestion: End Standardized testing, controlled testing - Schools, especially the ones in New York City always have some sort of standardized testing. This testing forces teachers to robot train information into students in order for them to pass an exam so that schools get more funding. - I want to end standardized testing, robot programming curriculum and censorship in learning. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #5 Suggestion: Hire & Help former inmates enroll in college and get them jobs. - Hiring them will give them a source of income! - Helping them enroll in college or to get any other type of profession will allow them to continue living life comfortably after their sentence is over. - Have some sorts of requirements in order to ensure safety and build trust. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #6 Suggestion: Create Affordable Housing for all. - People are being charged thousands of dollars to live in an apartment in some of the worst neighborhoods. - By working with investors in building affordable housing for not just NYC, but all of America. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #7 Suggestion: Homeless Support - Homeless are people are everyday people that just have been through a lot. They shouldn’t be looked at as different than your "average" person. We give them the support they need to resume living life safe and healthy. With a job, education (if needed), shelter. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #8 Suggestion: Change communities for the better! - Removing businesses that have a negative impact like liquor stores and smoke shops, banning the use of drugs by adding more rehabs to communities. . Sometimes people want to change, they just can’t see hope shining through the end of the tunnel. We’ll help them find that. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #9 Suggestion: Make sure investors know where to invest - Instead of investing in a private school or a startup, they should invest in public schools that hardly get support. Especially teachers who still make close to nothing after taxes. - Help them use their money for good by making change! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #10 Suggestion: Focus on Global Warming by making small changes that have a huge impact. - All States should paint their roads white to prevent global warming and climate change. - With the addition of banning plastics and other items that hurt our environment. Replacing non-degradable pollutants with biodegradable natural products. - Abdulaziz