Getting Bitcoin in the Hands of the Youth at Lightning Speed!

by in Bitcoin on November 7, 2021

Youthful Savings – the parent company of Youthful Savings Marketplace (YSM) – is pleased to announce a partnership with OpenNode. Youth vendors on YSM will now be able to grow their businesses by adding the ability to receive Bitcoin payments and donations for their online vendor stores.

OpenNode is a breakthrough payment processing platform that provides instant, low-cost Bitcoin payment and payout solutions. OpenNode believes Bitcoin is the future of global digital payments, and its mission is to empower and connect the world with simple, accessible payments infrastructure.

Youthful Savings has been working with low-income youth since 2013.  Youthful Savings Marketplace, a youth-driven, online marketplace, was created in 2020 as an opportunity for The Learning Marketplace youth to participate in the global economy by launching online businesses. Each participant is a graduate of the award-winning My Own Business Challenge program where youth learn how to start a business, market it effectively and become ethical leaders. Youthful Savings delivers its online programming to youth worldwide and currently has more than 300 businesses on the Youthful Savings Marketplace platform. 

“Integrating Bitcoin into our learning ecosystem is a game-changer for our mission of economic empowerment. We want our youth to have all the tools necessary to economically thrive in the global economy. I’m thrilled to partner with OpenNode and provide our youth access to Bitcoin at a young age. Our first step is to utilize our foundation so our youth vendors have Bitcoin on their balance sheets. From there, we can help our youth transact with each other in Bitcoin and really help make Bitcoin a global currency standard. The next generation is ready for change and Bitcoin will allow our youth to recreate the world economy to be more inclusive and equitable.”

-Founder and CEO of Youthful Savings, Somya Munjal

The greatest benefit of this partnership is its impact on youth.

“I think it’s important to learn more about Bitcoin because things are developing and Bitcoin can ‘Be the Change.’ I am excited that my vendor store now accepts bitcoin because this can open a door for other people around the world to purchase my product. This goes along with my goal of creating businesses that motivate and influence as many people as possible to act ethically toward others and the planet.” 

-Youth business owner and CEO of Roaring Flames, Ralph Liu

Through OpenNode integration, all youth can now accept bitcoin donations to the Youthful Savings Foundation (a California based 501(c)3 public charity). All donations are tax-deductible per IRS guidelines and anyone making a donation will receive a product from the Marketplace free of charge. All donations are tracked HERE.

“OpenNode and Youthful Savings share a mission-driven focus on the economic growth and education of individuals. In every sense, Bitcoin, social enterprise, and change for the better are a perfect fit.”

-Head of Marketing at OpenNode, Ryan Flowers

Youthful Savings is dedicated to economically empowering communities through youth. Integrating Bitcoin into the learning ecosystem is a radically innovative step with a potentially huge impact on nextgen business owners, consumers, and investors, and OpenNode’s technology helps make it all possible. 

About Youthful Savings

Youthful Savings is an education technology ecosystem dedicated to socioeconomic empowerment through mental well-being, economic empowerment and community development. Youthful Savings provides youth online education through The Learning Marketplace and a platform to create online businesses via Youthful Savings Marketplace. Through the Youthful Savings ecosystem, youth have the ability to create a more inclusive and fair global economy. 

About OpenNode

Founded in 2018, OpenNode provides secure, reliable payment acceptance and payout solutions for businesses. From payment buttons to hosted checkout, and e-commerce plug-ins to optimized APIs, OpenNode offers businesses the benefits of instant, lowest cost payments made possible by Bitcoin, the world’s best decentralized payment network; and the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s leading scaling solution.


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