Youthful Savings Marketplace at The Hester Street Fair in NYC!

by in Business Showcase on July 5, 2022

In partnership with Hester Street Fair, Youthful Savings Marketplace will be hosting a booth to showcase the benefits and goals of the company as well as celebrate the launch of a mobile application.

New York, NY, July 5, 2022: Youthful Savings, the company behind Youthful Savings Marketplace(YSM), will have a booth at the Hester Street Fair in Seaport, Manhattan on the 9th of July and the 20th of August. The upcoming booth installation will celebrate the launch of the Youthful Savings Marketplace mobile app which will fully integrate all the features and functions of the website. A mobile application will allow youth to use the youth-owned and operated marketplace in a way that is more approachable and practical for them. In turn, this will create more sales and therefore greater economic empowerment amongst young entrepreneurs who are part of the Marketplace. 

Youthful Savings Marketplace sources youth from Children’s Aid, Fresh Air Fund, Human Rights First and the city of Santa Monica, and aims to create a digital format for buying and selling goods. They also have plans to launch in schools as well as in large and urban markets in the fall. Current partner organizations have all been subscribers to The Learning Marketplace which is where youth can come to learn practical and real-world skills such as entrepreneurship principles, conflict resolution, mental health education, information on bitcoin, the blockchain and how to invest. The marketplace aspect ties all of this together by creating a way for these youth to showcase their learned skills through selling tangible goods.

Kene Tabansi, an alum of Children’s Aid NYC and a current student at Hunter College, is a proud member of the Youthful Savings Marketplace and will be the booth representative at the Hester Street Fair for YSM.

“Being a part of the YSM community has really helped me grow. It gave me a grounded sense of community during the pandemic as well as a sense of stability – just after moving to America”. 

-Kene Tabansi, CEO of Kraft

Come and learn more about Youthful Savings Marketplace on the 9th of July and the 20th of August at The Hester Street Fair and celebrate with us our app launch. You will be helping in the launch of the youth’s careers as successful entrepreneurs.


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