SHAmory: A STEM Authenticated Bitcoin Card Game For All Ages

by in Bitcoin on January 17, 2021

Youthful Savings, the parent company of Youthful Savings Marketplace, is excited to work with SHAmory, a fun and easy way to learn about cryptocurrency.

SHAmory is a STEM Authenticated Bitcoin game for youngsters and grown-ups. Recently chosen as Best in STEM 2021 by Newsweek magazine and, it is the ideal combination of fun and learning for anybody keen on finding out about Bitcoin – the leading cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Gain proficiency with the fundamentals of how mining works and earn Bitcoin points for each square you mine. 

“I am honored to have SHAmory as part of the Youthful Savings Marketplace. As a father to a young daughter, it’s amazing to see an organization that is making it a focus to put the youth first. I have no doubt that the creative ideas on the marketplace by all of the young vendors will be the stepping stone many of them need to be successful entrepreneurs for life. I hope that learning about Bitcoin through SHAmory can help bring the importance of financial awareness to the forefront.” – Scott Sibley, Founder of SHAmory.

SHAmory players won’t just have a fabulous time while playing, they’ll learn key tools that have kept the Bitcoin network secure for more than a decade. The game will teach youth on the fundamentals of Bitcoin and encourage them to become the next generation of cryptocurrency users.

So grab a buddy or two and begin playing today!  Purchase today on our youth marketplace HERE.


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