Female Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

by in Economics on April 5, 2021

Youthful Savings – parent company of The Learning Marketplace and the Youthful Savings Marketplace is a women-led company. 

Somya Munjal the founder and owner of Youthful Savings is a social entrepreneur and advocate for global social change through socio-economic empowerment of youth and their communities. 

Through The Learning Marketplace and Youthful Savings Marketplace, she has attracted, guided, and inspired many young women to become female entrepreneurs and mainstream their products and services.

To honor Women’s History last month, we asked some of our female vendors about what it means to them to be able to start up and run their own businesses during these awesome, changing times.

Kenechi Tabansi, 18-year-old Nigerian artist and founder of NYC-based Kraft said:

“What it means to me is proof. Proof that things are changing, that I have this opportunity. The fact that so many people believe in my business and me by buying the apparel I’ve designed supports the message I am trying to convey. It’s proof that I can make it in the world.”

Gabriela (“Bibi”) Paniagua, our youngest entrepreneur at age 12 and owner of Bibi’s Masks Creations, a Latinx superstar (with the most sales!) from Los Angeles, reported: 

“Being an entrepreneur means that I can express myself through tie-dye. It also means I can be my own boss and do things my way.”

Sofia Astarbi, 16-year-old artist, high school varsity soccer player, and founder of NYC-based Sofia’s Twisted & Spiral said:

“Running a small business empowers me to continue to succeed in school while earning money on my time, not an employer’s. I play soccer 7 days a week, so in addition to the responsibility of school, I can run my business on my time. This group also empowers me to speak up for those who are not fairly represented creating a platform of equality.”

As you can see by these answers, our youth are ready, willing, and able to participate in the global economy! And, there’s no better time, especially for young women entrepreneurs.


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