Traditional tie on waistbead & tie on anklet

by beadsbymakeda in , on August 9, 2021
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Mystery Color!!

This comes with one waist bead. Each waist bead is 50 inches of beads and a couple of inches of cotton string at the end to tie on the waistbead. You can remove excess beads if necessary. This comes with a TIE ON ANKLET AS WELL.

You will choose the quantity of waist beads you would like to purchase and we will choose all waist beads randomly. The waist beads are variety of colors, with some solid colors as well.

Waist beads can be used to gauge changes in weight, femininity, and fashion.

All waistbeads are made with durable Cotton thread, and beautiful beads for long term use. If you have a preferred one message me and I will show you what I have.

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