A Breath of Fresh Air: Youth Owned Businesses!

by in Business Showcase on August 29, 2020

Rebuilding the Economy through Youth Entrepreneurship

This summer NYC-based Fresh Air Fund and Youthful Savings teamed up to create a Virtual Summer Camp. Youth learned how to start a business, build character, increase their communication skills and financial wellness. Each of the 55 youth that participated attended a 5-week session via online live learning and self-directed learning through The Learning Marketplace. At the end of the program, the youth were ready to be real business owners by creating an online store through the Youthful Savings Marketplace.

Some stand out businesses that were created included a hand made jewelry business called JIX Accessories. Three young women from the program teamed up to create origami inspired jewelry. In the first week of launching, they have already created over 20 products and have had substantial sales from customers across the United States. They recently started taking international orders as well.

Another youth, Yong Yan (Crystal) Liang, created a web development business called CodeOctopi. She has also been helping other youth create their online shops and is managing the youth operated marketplace.

“I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship and it’s amazing to see so many people my age start businesses. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself and my community,” says 17-year old Crystal.

Other businesses that were created through the Fresh Air Fund x Youthful Savings program include:

The Athena Haywood Collection: A collection of art and hand made goods

Viosimos: Hand made women’s clothing

Allyssa’s Attire: Gently reused clothing

Youthful Savings will continue to work with the youth to expand their business and increase their skills though monthly learning sessions.

“We believe the youth have the ability to drastically change the course of the global economy. By encouraging them to use their creativity and invest in themselves and their community, we can help increase socioeconomic statuses. Youthful Savings exists to improve the lives of the youth and to see youth invest in themselves and each other is amazing. Every time I see a sale, my heart explodes with happiness. We want to see the youth invest in their community and be the best generation yet,” says Somya Munjal, founder of Youthful Savings.

We can’t wait for these businesses to grow and make a meaningful impact for the youth and their communities.


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