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by in on March 15, 2022

An Affordable and Efficient Way for our Vendors to Ship their Products to their Customers!

When a customer orders your product, you will receive an email. You should then pack your product properly. It is optional to include a thank you card but doing so will increase the reputation of your business. As a vendor, you must ship your package out in 48 hours unless you notify your customer otherwise. It can be difficult to earn a profit when shipping costs are high which makes it essential to determine the shipping costs and the profit you will make from selling the product.

There are many ways to ship your packages such as USPS®, UPS®, FedEx, and other online websites that may offer a discount for shipping. Pirate Ship is a free shipping software that allows you to access the cheapest USPS® and UPS® shipping rates. USPS® always has lower shipping costs than UPS®, but the latter provides a more accurate delivery date. Pirate Ship will save you tons of money, especially if you are shipping lightweight packages. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Two factors affect the price: the weight of the package and the shipping distance. You can compare the rates between USPS® and UPS® and pick the cheapest or fastest service.

Shipping can be difficult and costly but Pirate Ship is very manageable and affordable. First, create a free account if you have not previously used Pirate Ship. Next, you can choose between the three options on the very top of the website: creating a single label, uploading a spreadsheet, or importing from integrations. Typically, you will click on creating a single label and input all the information that is required. To get the weight of your package, you need to have access to a postal scale – you can find several kinds of postal scales on Amazon. You have to choose which scale will be worth investing in if you don’t already have one. If your package is under a pound, you should use USPS® as it is more affordable! 

After filling in all the required information, you will get the shipping rates and be able to pick the service that you prefer the most. Lastly, you will be able to buy the shipping label. Pirate shipping allows you to print a prepaid shipping label. This means that all you have to do is print the shipping label either using a regular printer or a label printer, tape it or stick it on the package, and bring it to your local USPS® or UPS® office.

Shipping is essential because it determines whether you make money or not. If the item is damaged when your customer receives it, you are responsible for replacing the damaged goods or giving your customer a refund. This will significantly impact your business’s reputation. Furthermore, shipping affects the growth and prestige of your business. 

“Running my business is more manageable because I can easily prepare and create a label using Pirate Ship.” -Gabriela Paniagua; Youthful Savings vendor and Youth Content Creator.

– This Youthful Savings Marketplace’s Best Practice piece was written by Ralph Liu – a 15-year-old youth entrepreneur in New York. He is the founder and CEO of Roaring Flames – an organization that designs original and eccentric clothes where meaningful messages are designed to motivate and support other people.


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