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by CodeOctopi in on August 18, 2020
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I will design or redesign a website using a custom template of your choice. I will provide you with a list of templates that you can choose from, after getting more information from you about the type of website you want to have for your business.

Here are other services I can offer and more!
-Incorporate personal customization for your site if needed.
-Save you time from having to make the website yourself so you can focus on your business or organization
-Give FREE website design ideas and outreach advice
-Redesign your old website if needed
-Work with SEO and improving your site rankings on search engines
-SSL and HTTPS for security

My hourly rates depend on how simple or complex your website will be! Schedule a consultation with me today for just $10! Since I am customizing your website template with code, I will have to discuss with you further before I can establish an hourly rate, I would be happy to work with your budget though.

Overall, I am an easy-going and down to earth person that would love to chat with you about developing your website!

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shanelle's special at 10:15 pm

Shanelle’s Special is a beautiful little store.
Sales Quality Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing and Shoes. At exceptionally reasonable price.
Take a tour to see our current items.

Tiger GLAMN at 9:38 pm

Please support small businesses to make the world better place and at the same time it will help me to gain experience and earn money for college. I believe small businesses can grow bigger and benefit our community.


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